a luppie o’ tatties






Her Mother worked in the mills,

sixpence a day,

age eleven.


A luppie o’ tatties an’ a hauf loaf.


Her Granddad swung great bales of jute and carried them on his shoulders,

as now,

he picks up his Granny and swings her round

the soldier boy back from Jordan.

Her Dad lost his fingers in the mills machines,

the war, an evacuee aunt.

A London accent too thick to be clear

her Dundonian as foreign

as an Afghan province,

a teuchter,

a dub,

in the wash house wi’ Granny.

4 Replies to “a luppie o’ tatties”

  1. Hello, thank you for your poem…lots of memories.

    I found it looking for a definition of a ‘ luppie o tatties’.
    I was always sent for a half luppie ..I was only wee, maybe I couldn’t carry a whole luppie?
    My memory says a ‘half luppie’ was about 31/2 lbs..does that sound about right?
    Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

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