24th February 2014



Black magic boxes of bats

and hames for wee spuggies.

A word for my day.

The timber all cut and ready and bound with blue tape.

But the edges of the wood turn to keek at each other

and will no behave.

As outside the absent school turns its back and runs awa to the Dighty Burn,



(notes – a spuggie is Dundonian for a sparrow. Outside, in the vacated green space next to the community centre stood a school.)







26th February 2014.


Tessarae colours in blues and greens spark

smashing, cutting, nipping, filing, glueing, placing,

waymarking the Dighty Burn.

Holidays in Birmingham and seeing that one off Coronation Street in a restaurant.

Opera behind the scenes.

Tea and biscuits and the top six things in life –

Dundee FC, family, singing, pyjamas, the sun and


A woman seen shopping ina ‘onesy’,

the guise of a cat and a tail an aw.



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