knigfisher blues

2015-07-09 11.14.46 (2)

A cool, sun in and out of the clouds morning. Feeling alone but I forget myself in drawing. Meet a man who showed me pictures of the kingfisher on the burn and told me about the wild mink and Travellers at the back of Sainsburys. Neither appeared welcome. Had some thoughts about an outdoor experimental drawing class – wondering if anyone would be interested….? A quiet, thoughtful morning.

Guerilla golfing

This morning was spent building a nine hole golf course in the woods at the back of Iceland. We had pallets to tee off from and empty paint tins for holes. It sounds rubbish but it is brilliant. We played a few of the holes, Stuart being crowned champion, with myself a close second  – not sure how ! Anyway, its there for anyone to find and see if they can figure it out. Theres talk of an annual Dighty Cup, but then again……

20150707_113757 (2) 20150707_114259 20150707_113729  20150707_113923

Jane, Stuart, Alistair, Catherine, Joe, Ryan and Trev.


2015-07-04 16.20.16 (2)

Baldovie Incinerator, Dundee. Ended up drawing on lots of sheets of paper, as the shapes of the structure grew and grew in the hot morning sun. Forgot to put on suncream and my face burning. Lorry driver laughing at my attempts to keep the drawing under control. In the way of the Council grass cutting machine as it chewed up the grass and the litter behind me.

2015-07-01 14.26.45 (2)

Drawing along the burn at Douglas, the Incinerator in the background. Thundery rain wetting the paper, wind picking up.

Tuesdays dig.


A Buddha in the burn,

now that’s a funny thing to find


roman coins and tudor buttons.

Ben Sherman shirts and galluses,

a red handkerchief in your pocket.

He’s studying dentistry,

she, sensitivity,

finding it hard not to laugh

at metal detecting someones head…


Now thats a treasure.



‘This world is Phuhl o’ a Number o’ Things…..

2015-06-26 17.54.36

Sounds of the ’70’s in Douglas.

Fintry shams, Lochee Fleet, Kirkton Huns and Douglas Toddy, bands of boys, in bands of colour, jumpers knitted by their Grannies. Drinking, yelling, brawling, laughing, trying to get the girl. Green and reds and black and blue. Dundee, Arbroath, Leven and Methil, big men, small men, wide men, scared men, running. Into trouble.

Thankyou to Kenny and Charlie for their brilliant stories about the gangs in Dundee and for the music of ‘St Andrews and the Woollen Mills.’