A mountain adventure.

For everyone that follows my erratic travels through Scotland I need to explain that the Peterhead and Ardnamurchan project has been put aside for a while as I am not sure where it is headed and a break will help the process. So as you can see I am now currently challenged with the task of articulating what a mountain might be, in particular, the Buachaille Etive Mor. For those people that live in Scotland it is a mountain that inspires a great deal of respect and love from all the people that walk and climb. It is a mountain for everyone with its iconic arrow head, pyramidal form rising above the vastness of Rannoch Moor. Indeed the first time you see the mountain it’s a moment you will not forget. A lovely muckle lump as a friend called it, indeed it is. I wanted to look at it a few years ago but was unsure I could tackle something so vast. How can you be in anyway equal to a mountain ? How can one’s work measure up to or express the scale of this landscape ? I think my fear was holding me back, but fear of what ? I came to the conclusion it is the same as any other landscape I encounter, it requires you to walk it repeatedly, get to know it, be still and listen and the mountain will let you in . At least thats my methodology. We’ll see how it goes, you will be the judge of that . Expect many wet drawings, it rains a lot here, and midge spattered paper. Can’t wait.

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