So much for drawing myself this week. Already I am bored looking at my face. It stares back petulantly and I am disinclined to fathom out what is going on. And anyway my new binoculars arrived yesterday. Not fancy top end birders gear but none the less a vast improvement on what I used before. I was so excited I headed out to see what I could find and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to discover a whole new world. Genuinely. I can focus close in to the details of plummage and how it shines in the sun, the irridescence of feathers,the colours, I can’t help but smile at the delight of things that have remained unseen for so long. And I found two new birds for me – a dunnock and a redstart, both common but until now I had no names for them and now I do. Beyond that it is wonderful to look at the world beyond in greater focus too. I want to study a hare now and deer, foxes, indeed anything that moves out there. So get some decent binoculars and it will make you see the world differently. Thats a nice thing right now.

2 Replies to “Looking.”

  1. Good piece. I would love to see where it would go if you were to “massage” the 3rd sentence where you say “I am disinclined to fathom….” I am disinclined to…..to…..to… that is what I want to know about your face.. Ha! Is that the American in me? No, just going deep, and all that matters is what is on the page.

    Love to read your writing.

    xo K


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    1. Ha ! Thanks K 🙂 You could well be right ! Still glad you liked it anyway. great to hear from you, hope you and T are doing well. I’ll write some more things for you to mull over soon !!


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