About time.

The decision concerning my next project has loomed large for months now it seems. It has proven complicated given our current circumstances here in the UK with the country in lockdown and my dodgy ankle (Glencoe can wait ), but I now have my next expedition mapped and the planning can start.

I am intending to explore the most easterly and westerly points on the Scottish mainland – they being Peterhead in the east and Ardnamurchan in the west. These two landscapes are so very different enviromentally, culturally and linguistically. Peterhead has one of the largest fishing ports in Europe and over half the residents speak Scots. Over in the west Ardnamurchan is a gaelic spaeking, crofting community of only two thousand. The landscape is wild and remote. Beyond that I don’t know much, so I’m eager to get going with some research whilst we are still in lockdown to see what I might unearth about these two wonderfully distinct landscapes.

I cannnot wait to be travelling and drawing again.

3 Replies to “About time.”

  1. Hello Dominique

    I have come across your blog quite recently after following a link from Ann Cowan’s Instagram page. Your Hogmanay post was the first I read and it is a beautiful piece of writing, your descriptive powers are delightfully engaging and your expressive drawings and paintings wonderfully transmit your experience of your surroundings.

    I am fascinated to read this morning that you are planning to explore Peterhead. Ardnamurchan is obviously picturesque. Picturesque may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Peterhead but the Blue Toon, I’m sure, will prove a rewarding subject and exploring the wider fields of culture and linguistics will be absorbing. You may well need translators in both Gaelic and Doric.

    I look forward very much to reading and viewing the results of your explorations and if you might be interested in exhibiting some of the fruits of your project at Tolquhon, we would be very keen to discuss possibilities. I believe we are the nearest independent gallery to Peterhead. We love the west coast and wild and remote places so Ardnamurchan also has huge appeal.

    Of course, you may already have plans for exhibiting. Either way, I hugely look forward to following your journeys.

    Best regards,


    Joan Ross
    Tolquhon Gallery
    AB41 7LP

    Tel:01651 842343

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