A wee sale of nine works.


So here are the pieces that are for sale. I have given the measurements and media . Get in touch with me for prices if you are interested. Thanks again, Dominique.



Summer trees – 28 x 28 cm – oil on paper   SOLD.



Galloway fields – from sketchbook – 29 x 30cm – watercolour crayons on paper. SOLD.



Path through the trees  -30 x 21 cm – oil on board. SOLD.



Galloway farmhouse – 72 x 52 cm – charcoal on paper.



Beech tree – 42 x 56 cm – Charcoal and acrylic on paper. SOLD.



The pond – 84 x 59 cm – acrylic on paper.



Through the trees to the beach – sketch – 42 x 30 cm – watercolour crayon on paper.




The track from the farm – 32 x 54 cm  – mixed media on paper. SOLD.




Coo. 51 x 36 cm  – Ink and gesso on paper. SOLD.


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