Scaffold yard, Trafalgar Lane.

DSC_0361 (2)

First day of walking in Leith. The boundary of Leith in the West. A painted ghost in a blacked out window. Lyons tearoom sign, cobbles and a pub for sale. Kids on bikes and a scaffold yard. New build flats. Retracing my steps, no longer with a double buggy and precariously balanced shopping bags. Paint dripped on the steps down to the water. A woman with red hair and flip flops asleep on a sofa behind a fence. Pigeons, bridges, dark arches. A smoothie and a milkshake looking out on the street as we talked about the differences in composing a photograph to a painting, of people from college not seen for years. Past the Sikh temple and the Banana flats ( so called because of the shape ), past Lambs House where Mary had her dinner one night. A scrapyard, casino and the docks. Idle cranes and empty warehouses. Standing in the middle of the roundabout you  can look all the way up Leith walk to Calton Hill, a long view of the history of this city. This is where the walk ends for me as I stand mimicking a statue to Robert Burns that stands on another roundabout in front of me.

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